#KitsuneSweet16 – Tobtok

The Kitsuné Maison Compilation is back for its 16th round as 'The Sweet Sixteen Issue' ! It's time to go back in the days...

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We’re back for another round of musical surprises! This year, Kitsune Maison 16 – The Sweet Sixteen Issue is about showcasing some of the most exciting artists of tomorrow with a little ‘teen years nostalgia’ twist!

This week we’re giving a huge round of applause for Kitsuné’s disco king : Tobtok ! With one remix and a bonus track featured on the compilation, he certainly has the right ingredients to make us dance…

Coming straight from Sweden, Tobtok is another firm ambassador of a certain French sound, discoey, poppy and excitingly musical. Check the many Nile Rodgers-inspired funky licks or the enthralling chord progressions springing up on most of his productions. Romantic just the way we like it…

Now it’s time to put on those headphones and jump back in those early guitary years…

Tobtok – Deux (Bonus Track)

CITIZENS! – ‘Ligthen Up’ (Tobtok Remix)

#KitsuneSweet16 digs into the artists nostalgic-yet-slightly-embarassing teenage years…


1/ Picture


The picture I have chosen is a photo that represents the beauty and gloom of my hometown, Uppsala. The city where I grew up in and is closest to my heart.

2/ Tune

The song that reminds me of my teenage years is Led Zeppelin – ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’, which is one of my all time favorites.

3/ Memory

The best memory of this period is the state of mind I had as any other teenager. Naive and without any major worries. It was like you never knew that life was fragile and that life was eternal!


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