Two Kitsuné sunset parties at MECAFestival!

Are you ready for some Brazilian partying? Kitsuné takes it to Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo for MECAFestival!

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This month Kitsuné hits the world’s most exotic land: BRAZIL !

Joining the ultimate and renown MECAFestival taking place mid January, we will be spending two magical sunset nights in parallel of a non-stop party week in Brazil !

First stop on January 19th in Rio de Janeiro where our favorite lads Citizens! will be giving you a pop-up & DJ set and second stop in São Paulo on January 22nd where they’ll be taking over the decks once again but alongside local duo Database

On invitation only but make sure to attend the event on Facebook to win your chance to go !

Kitsuné Sunset Party Episode # 1 in Rio de Janeiro

Kitsuné Sunset Party Episode # 2 in São Paulo