#KitsuneCondorcet architects: Dimore Studio

When Maison Kitsuné meets Italian architects' office DIMORESTUDIO to build a brand new Parisian boutique. Learn more...

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Maison Kitsuné - Condorcet
68 Rue Condorcet
75009 PARIS
01 45 26 11 29

Monday to Saturday - 11:30am to 7pm
Sunday - 12pm to 6:30pm


Behind Maison Kitsuné’s third and all-fresh Parisian boutique on Rue Condorcet, hides the talent of Italian architects’ duo Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran better known under the name of DIMORESTUDIO.

The spirit of italian architecture studio, DIMORESTUDIO, met perfectly the spirit of Maison Kitsuné. Spirit of experimentation, research of detail, passion for tailoring, passion for the rich contemporary memories.

Inspired by the universe of Maison Kitsuné and by a shared passion for detail and the mixing up of genres, DIMORESTUDIO unveils a warm and functional space where complimentary colours and textures, simple lighting and materials, symmetrical lines and volumes are core concepts.

Shades of lapis blue and carmine red are given pride of place; the walls, floor and doorways are swathed in a satiny aluminium.

Tables are rendered from stratified wood, blue and ivory, while the chairs in the Café Kitsuné are finished with amaranth fur.

When creativity and refinement meet, it yields in our shiny and new Parisian space.

We hope to see you there soon …


Maison & Café Kitsuné Condorcet

68 Rue Condorcet

75009 PARIS

Opened 7 days a week

11H30 – 19H00


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