Kitsuné New Faces II Interview – Beau

Taking you closer to the Kitsuné New Faces II compilation's artists!

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Are you ready for a second round of musical discoveries? Kitsuné New Faces II is out now !

After one episode full of stomping beats and new talents, Kitsuné brings you the freshest and latest gems of the moment.

For this new edition, we’re taking you closer to the compilation’s talents and today we want you to meet the New York native duo Beau through a little interview and their featured track ‘One Wing’ !

Composed of Kitsuné’s once-fashion-muse Heather Golden and Emma Rose, Beau has become a powerful musical force destined to rock stadiums. Revisiting the classic West Coast sound, lacing it with cosy Americana and 70s folklore, these dedicated songwriters, modern-day troubadours, will drop their debut release in 2015…

Is there a message to your track ? The message of ‘One Wing’ is to permeate forgiveness and honesty to our loved ones and to the world.
Who would you dream to do a featuring with ? We would dream to do a feature with so many people! There are too many musicians to name one. Coco Rosie would be sick though!
You would never go out of the house without … ? We’d never leave the house with out a notebook and a pen

If you had a time machine, which period would you choose to go back to ? The 60’s!

Where would you dream to play? We dream to play everywhere and anywhere! Music is transcendent and is designed for movement and all environments. To play music anywhere is a dream!

Premiered on Clash Magazine, stream in exclusive their featured song ‘One Wing’ below!

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