J.M. Weston x Maison Kitsuné – The New Yorker

J.M. Weston accompanies Maison Kitsuné to New York and creates “THE NEW YORKER” !

Ever since their first collaboration a few years ago, Michel Perry and Masaya Kuroki have known that they share the same vision of style : elegance with a touch of nonchalance.
The artistic director of J.M. Weston decided to support Maison Kitsuné’s debut in New York by designing a specific loafer. Michel Perry and Masaya Kuroki worked on the French shoemaker’s emblematic model, the Loafer 180.

This version of the major classic makes use of materials by combining smooth, almost glazed calfskin and grainy black calfskin whose sheen recalls the caviar-like grain of shagreen. All the finishings (sole edge, welt wheel stitch separating on heel, inner lining) were also stained black, to emphasize the dinner suit inspiration of this loafer.

While J.M. Weston traditionally mounts its loafers using Goodyear stitching, this design uses Blake stitching for a more flexible, relaxed shoe which is particularly appreciated by Masaya Kuroki.

“New Yorker” Loafer J.M. Weston x Maison Kitsuné sold now in Maison Kitsuné Paris, New-York and Tokyo.