Kitsuné New Faces II – Oslo Parks

Taking you closer to the Kitsuné New Faces II compilation's artists!

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Are you ready for a second round of musical discoveries? Kitsuné New Faces II is out now !

After one episode full of stomping beats and new talents, Kitsuné brings you the freshest and latest gems of the moment…

For this new edition, we’re taking you closer to the compilation’s talents and today we want you to meet the Brighton duo Oslo Parks through a little interview below.

As the first track the Brighton duo wrote and produced together, ‘Twin’, featured on the compilation, explores the idea of having a digital twin or the persona one creates for oneself online, set over a backdrop of creative, crystalline poptronica.

Is there a message to your track ?

There’s not a message, more of a commentary on how we use technology to paint a picture of ourselves. A digital twin.

Who would you dream to do a featuring with ?

Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio) covers everything. Sonically satisfying, really creative and just the right amount of swagger.

You would never go out of the house without … ?

Something visually/aurally stimulating. I get bored very quickly if I don’t have someone to talk to/something to look at.

If you had a time machine, which period would you choose to go back to ?

The 60s looked great and the 80s sounded great. Probably the 80s.

Where would you dream to play?

We use visuals as part of our live show so playing in some kind of multi-screened cinema would be awesome. As it’s a dream gig, let’s say it’s in South America so we can all enjoy a bit of travelling while we’re at it.


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