Kitsuné New Faces II – Savoir & Marian Hill

Taking you closer to the Kitsuné New Faces II compilation's artists!

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Are you ready for a second round of musical discoveries? Kitsuné New Faces II is out now !

After one episode full of stomping beats and new talents, Kitsuné brings you the freshest and latest gems of the moment…

For this second edition, we’re taking you closer to the compilation’s talents and today we want you to meet both Savoir, through an interview, and Marian Hill, through a portrait !

Let’s kick off things with Savoir. Perth-based electronic threesome Savoir forges a beguiling hybrid fusing world sounds, jazz-funk and afrobeat. ‘Malala’ directly refers to Malala Yousafzai, the recent – and youngest – recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in her struggle for the right of all children to education.

Is there a message to your track ?

MALALA is a tribute to Malala Yousafzai and the potential of youth to guide humanity. I remember watching a documentary about youth gangs in La Paz, who had come from abusive homes, who lived on the outer edges of society. And this social worker was saying the fact that these street youth banded together and made their own support networks and laws and social rules shows the strength of youth in creating unity. Malala made some interesting statements during her address to the UN on her 16th birthday – she wished for the dudes who shot her up to send their kids to school… she didn’t talk about revenge or anything like that… she kinda embodied forgiveness and being the ‘bigger person’ for me. Me and my friend Katherine were really high and were crying watching her address. Powerful. Big up YOUTH.

Who would you dream to do a featuring with ?

Sinco says Tony Allen, Gin might say 2Chains, I want Sunshine Anderson and Kandi.

You would never go out of the house without … ?

PKW – phone, keys and wallet.

If you had a time machine, which period would you choose to go back to ?

Sinco would probs need to go back to every era and scrounge around in every sound, Gin just lives in the moment – he’s hella Eckhart ay and I would like to go back before colonial times and see the wetlands of Perth in all their glory.

Where would you dream to play?

Gin’s mum’s kangaroo rescue centre down south for all the lil joeys.

Now let’s talk about Marian Hill! Confusingly not just one person, this duo consists of producer Jeremy Lloyd – the son of a conductor and opera singer – and vocalist Samantha Gongol. By joining forces and writing their songs together, they bring a loony yet musical, almost free-jazz spell to today’s deconstructed r’n’b.

If you were…

… a movie ?

… a song ?

… a city ?

… a dance ?

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