Kitsuné America 4 – At The Drive In!

Kitsuné is taking you to the movies for its 4th Kitsuné America episode... A brand new compilation full of fresh new tracks!

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Ready to go to a little drive in with us?

The Kitsuné America Compilation series is back this year with a fourth episode!

By giving a fresh and ambitious look at familiar Americana, this number 4 edition is all about the tune. From futuristic r’n’b to corrosive indie glam, every track is to be discovered at once in this, more on the pulse than ever, latest instalment.

Open to radical forms of urban pop and other soulful hybrids, we’re staying enthusiastic and curious, keeping on treading exciting paths. And let’s not forget, as usual, some fine, blazing guitars, a recurrence chez Kitsuné. Just like style… edgy but dapper.

So tune in to Kitsuné America 4 and get zapped to the sound of the emblematic tunes, or soon to be, of the moving & shaking North American scene!

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But before the movie starts, get a foretaste of the compilation by listening to Jerry Bouthier‘s minimix!

Get a foretaste of the compilation with Metoux’s featured track “Neighbour” premiered on Wonderland Mag!

Discover Dutch Party‘s featured track “Howl” premiered exclusively on Earmilk!