#KitsuneAmerica 4 – At the Drive In With Heat!

Kitsuné is taking you to the movies for its 4th Kitsuné America Episode... A brand new compilation coming to your ears on May 25th!

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On May 25th Kitsuné is releasing its 4th #KitsuneAmerica compilation! Full of new gems coming freshly from the States, we’re taking you day by day closer to the musicians!

With their featured track ‘This Life’, Heat‘s sound hides a caustic edge behind its poetic insouciance, weaving guitars and raw, romantic vocals. The Montreal band is turning heads and becoming a true powerhouse in the making!

After a ride to the drive in with us, the 4-piece’s lead singer gave us his own city guide of his hometown: Montreal!

What to do in Montreal?

Walking in and around Mount Royal Park is a good intro. especially in the summer when it’s nice. In the winter, there is nothing to do.

What is your favourite museum ? 

Redpath museum. It’s on the campus of McGill university, which I attended for one year. I used to skip class and look at dinosaur skeletons all the time. Musée des Beaux-Arts is very nice as well.

The best place to have a drink ? 

Sparrow, hands down.

The nicest walk ? 

By the Lachine Canal.

The best place to eat?

Romados, hands down.

The best club or venue in town? 

Lots of good ones, my favourite is probably Sala Rosa though.

The band has just released on Kitsuné their debut EP ‘Rooms’! Discover it here, read more about it here or just order it here!