#KitsuneAmerica 4 – At the Drive In With Joyce Wrice!

Kitsuné is taking you to the movies for its 4th Kitsuné America Episode... A brand new compilation coming to your ears on May 25th!

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On May 25th Kitsuné is releasing its 4th #KitsuneAmerica compilation! Full of new gems coming freshly from the States, we’re taking you day by day closer to the musicians!

Based in Los Angeles, Joyce Wrice is another singer/songwriter plotting the future of soul within an electronic context. Dangerously languorous ‘Home Alone’ is a slow, slightly schizophrenic r’n’b smoocher that’s hard to resist.

After a ride to the drive in with us, the beautiful Joyce gave us her own city guide of her hometown: Los Angeles!

What is your favourite museum in Los Angeles ? 

I was able to watch a short film by Kahlil Joseph at The Underground Museum and ever since my first trip there, I couldn’t stop myself from not going back there! In addition to the beautiful interior design, they have so many great books, and vinyl records for you to read and listen to.

The best place to have a drink ? 

I like Bar Nine and Jerry’s Flying Fox!

The nicest walk?

The nicest walks I’ve had are the ones with dogs that are up for adoption. We walk and run around the Fairfax and Melrose area and it’s very therapeutic for me.

The best place to eat?

The Serving Spoon! They also have a really good music playlist and that’s always a plus for me.

The best club or venue in town?

I haven’t been to too many clubs in LA. I follow my DJ friends around like Sean g, Siik, PJ and Drewbyrd and go to whatever club they’re playing at. For live shows, I really like the Bootleg Theater. I saw KING and Quadron there and left feeling super elated.

Before discovering her featured track ‘Home Alone’ discover the compilation’s first tracks below:

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