Kitsuné x HW&W Tour – Gravez Interview

A few words from Atlanta's freshest producer Gravez!

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As we’re about to launch our exclusive Kitsuné x HW&W European Tour on August 28th in Zurich, we got the futuristic R&Bass genius Gravez to answer a few of our questions!

Can you describe yourself in three words ? 

Creative, Unorthodox, Persistent.

What do you expect of London’s audience? 

I’m actually excited to see how London’s reaction is, first-hand. If I had to guess, they would be open, supportive and most importantly “turnt up”.

You’re doing a lot of remixes / production with different artists from Ekali to Bryson Tiller. If you had to pick one of your best experiences, which one would it be?

I can’t exactly pin-point the best experience I had in production, but if I had to it would definitely be working on the Jaden Smith “Fast” remix. I remember working on that remix for fun while I was hanging with friends playing super smash brothers and eating pizza.

Tell us more about your upcoming EP, some details about its atmosphere and influences…?

The upcoming EP is definitively going to be a step into a combination and multitude of influences. I’m trying hard to achieve a perfect balance of genres that have influenced me such as 80’s electronic pop, eccentric deep-house, soulful R&B and a splash of 808 driven trap.

I think the sound of it will be an overall pleasing and nostalgic feeling, hopefully. Think Wave Racer meets Kaytranada meets Future with a hint of B. Cox.

Can you share with us your music crush of the moment ?

At the moment, i’m really in love with a really cool artist named Telana even though she may not know it lol. She has such an amazing voice and tone that brings me to awe every-time. Be on the lookout for our collaborative efforts in the near future. 🙂

Listen to Gravez’s latest just below and get more info on the tour here!

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