Matte x Kitsuné NYFW Party – Hercules & Love Affair Interview

As we're about to take over Bowery's Capitale during NYFW we asked Hercules & Love Affair a few questions...

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In just two days, Kitsuné is teaming up with MATTE to bring an ace night at Bowery’s immense Capitale !

To mark this autumn’s NYFW, a magical line-up will be parading the amazing ballroom including the one and only Hercules & Love Affair!

A few questions before the party:

How did it all start for Hercules & Love Affair?
It all started with a couple of songs I wrote and asking the folks around me to sing em. Then more songs, more people, and so on and so on.

Give us 3 key words that best describe Hercules & Love Affair.
Emotion, evolution, diversity

An anecdote to share with us from your summer tour ?
Anecdotes? One of us has fallen on stage like three times, but to be nice I won’t say who. It might be me-  keep you eyes out to see if it happens again in NYC…

A little hint of what’s coming up next for the group?
There is something in the works that involves an MC. Fingers crossed it comes to fruition. It’s the first time for the rhymes for Hercules and Love Affair.

What is your latest musical crush?
Latest musical crush? Susanne Sundfor! Unbelievable voice and evokes ABBA in the best of ways.

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