Kitsuné Maison 17 – The World Wild Issue

Get ready for another shipload of fresh musical discoveries: the 17th issue of our Kitsuné Maison series is coming on October 23rd!

The World Wild Issue contains 17 exclusive tracks introducing you to the global cream of the moment: USA, UK, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France…

World Wild? In a constantly evolving world, where digital reigns supreme, nature – wild and universal – brings us back to our roots and a certain authenticity. It’s also about us Westerners embracing the rhythms and moods of other cultures and yet again pushing the envelope of creativity. Yes, the jungle is where the party’s at!

Rather feminine, at times introspective, often glorious, this latest chapter is also pro- bably groovier than previous installments, digging deep in soulful territories. Make no mistake though, guitars are still loved – indie pop remains tattooed on Kitsuné’s heart. It is character and personality, which above all prevail on the little fox’s label, again and again.

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Listen to Danglo’s exclusive track “The Morning” premiered Clash!