Kitsuné Club Night @ Oslo – Ekali Interview

A little chat with Vancouver's uprising producer before we hit Oslo...

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On November 14th we’re bringing to Oslo’s Internasjonalen a very special Kitsuné Club Night episode with Hasta and Ekali!

But before anything happens we asked Vancouver’s best producer of the moment a few questions:

Can you describe yourself in three words ?

Stubborn, Impulsive, Excitable

What do you expect from your European tour and its audience ?

I have no expectations for the shows themselves, but I know I’m going to be meeting all kinds of amazing characters in every country I visit. That’s what I’m really looking forward to!

You did a whole bunch of remixes, could you name one that you especially liked making ?

I’d say my ‘What So Not – Gemini’ remix was my favourite to make. It happened so quickly and fluidly; I think I finished it in 3 hours from start to end.

What is your latest musical crush ?

I have a fatty musical crush on G Jones. I’m supposed to be working on something with him soon, hope that comes through!

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