Kitsuné Club Night x Roche Musique – Cézaire Interview

A little chat with Roche Musique's boss before we hit London...

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End of November Kitsuné Club Night will be teaming up with rising French label Roche Musique to bring a very special party at London’s The Laundry.

Including FKJ (live), Kartell, CesareToyboy & Robin and more, you’ll just want to stop by and dance a little with us…

But before that here’s a few questions to the imprint’s boss Cézaire:

Can you describe yourself in three words ?

Funny, Positive, #Odsu

What do you think of the current UK music scene?

I always had an eye on the UK scene, the rise of the grime scene with guys such as Dizzee Rascal or stuff like So Solid Crew or the sad side of Rnb with Burial and the house music scene of guys like Todd Edwards. And I’m happy to see that they still deliver somme great acts. I’m really close to guys like Karma Kid or Bondax, who have rejuvenate the scene. I was lucky enough to go to the dimension festival this summer and it shows that music in UK is still really strong.

Tell us a bit more about how it all started for your label Roche Musique?  

As a kid i was always attracted by music in its various forms, i tried a lot of stuff, from making parties to writing for blogs or just making music for myself. And i found that the label was the best way to have an eye on every parts of the music industry. I was lucky to meet Kartell, who helped me launch Roche Musique. The rest is history…

How was the recording of « Point Wave » ?

I’m really happy of this compilation because it’s a true result of team work. To retrieve all tracks was a long road. We wanted to have something coherent. And it’s nice to see that every artist of Roche made it possible. There are a lot of collaborations and it reflects our daily lives: we see each other every week out or in the studio, we exchange a lot, we don’t hesitate to share some tips and that’s what makes the compilation so special.

Can you describe the vibes of Roche’s music & artists?

We have a positive vibe in the crew. our main goal is to travel and meet new people. I think the label is a reflection of our dreams. We have also a big concern about life and nature in general. And I think it will be the next step for us.

So what do you think of the collaboration between Kitsuné & Roche Musique ? 

I’m really happy about this collaboration. Kitsuné is a respected brand, well known around the world. Exchanging with people from kitsune is such a good experience. I think we have a lot in common, because we are french but also because we have the french savoir faire value in common, that’s what we want to share.

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