Cesare – Want You EP

Cesare is making the summer last a little longer with a new cheeky and beautiful EP coming November 13th!

One day Cesare was walking along the beach, as he does very often because he lives next to Ipanema Beach, being inspired by the women sunbathing and playing volleyball.

Whilst walking past a beautiful group of young ladies, he heard them playing some very nice music from speakers. He was impressed with one of the songs and asked who it was, one of the beautiful women replied, “this is Ekkah, its very cool” – and after being invited to enjoy some Caipirinhas with Gabriella and her friends Cesare stayed. After feeling a little tipsy, Cesare visited his local internet cafe and messaged Ekkah, Le Flex and Vanbot to tell them his story about “women, beachball, caipriinha’s etc and how much of a fan he was of their music”.

All three artists were impressed with Cesares formidable A&R skills and vintage charm, and so they accepted his proposal of them making a guest remix on his next Kitsuné single.
The rest, as they say, is history.

Coming on November 13th his latest jewel “Want You” will be featuring the beautiful and talented River and include remixes from Ekkah, Le Flex and Vanbot.

Cesare definitely knows how to spread a glimpse of summer in our hearts…

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Discover a couple of the EP’s tracks above!