Bonenkai Kitsuné Club Nights – A Chat With Jerry Bouthier

Just before celebrating the end of the year in Japan we spent some time with the one and only Jerry Bouthier!

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At the end of the month the fow will be celebrating the end of the year in Japan! We will be bringing two ace Kitsuné Club Night episodes in Osaka on the 27th and in Tokyo at the 29th!

On that occasion Kitsuné’s long time friend and collaborator Jerry Bouthier will join forces with us on both dates… Before hopping on the plane we sat down with him:

Are you excited to be playing once again in Japan?

I cannot wait to be back in two of my favourite cities in the world: Tokyo and Osaka! I love Japan, and have done so since my childhood when my parents introduced me to the original Yakitori chain in Paris which instantly became my favourite restaurant – way better than MacDonalds, even as a child! Later, still ‘raw fish-shy’, a good friend took me to one of Paris’ best Sushi bars and I was hooked for the rest of my life. Japanese food is amazing from A to Z, love it. It’s not just about food though but everything else too, Japanese culture is fascinating. I’ve always loved stylish nippon minimalism and calligraphy as whilst studying I originally thought of becoming a graphic designer. Later I discovered Japan for real as I started touring with Kitsuné and I fell in love with the people, friendly and so polite, enthusiastic and knowledgeable… not mentioning the shopping and the technology! A very civilised society from which we occidentals could learn much from if you ask me…

What do you think of the Japanese music scene? Do you have a particular crush on a Japanese musician?

Excuse my ignorance as I don’t know so many Japanese artists. I mean, I’m definitely a fan of Yellow Magic Orchestra, a seminal band as important as Kraftwerk or New Order. Their tracks ‘Ryder’ and ‘Firecracker’ are absolute classics. I really like Shinichi Osawa who’s also a friend. I can relate a lot to his musicality, particularly when in more melodic mode, and his expertise at captivating the dancefloor is second to none, he’s done some fantastic remixes and edits which I’ve played to death! There’s also Hiroshi Watanabe who did some fabulous house music in the 90s, very special and meaningful. My buddy Boys Get Hurt, who’s playing at the Womb gig, is a talented dude too, I’ve released his single ‘Your Love’ on my label. I’d like to know more Japanese artists though…

Regarding your Heart & Soul Mixtapes, you seem to mix different influences to create a particular musical universe… What inspires you in general?

Totally, for me it’s always more about the artist than the genre in itself, there’s good stuff pretty much everywhere so rather than sticking to one style, I collect tracks that move me, make me feel good inside, but that also have attitude and edge. With Heart & Soul the tracks have to be funky and a bit different but also very melodic, the kind that will make you think and dream. I try to make it the nearest thing to taking drugs and feeling loved up without actually doing so! My experience producing soundtracks for fashion shows like Vivienne Westwood etc has led me to the Heart & Soul mood which joins the dots between the catwalk and the dancefloor. Nothing too heavy, but on the contrary rather feminine and sensual, at times ecstatic or nostalgic… yet always dancey. The trick is to make it all work in one continuous mix – like a book and its chapters – a story that will sound as good in the office as at home, perfect for intimate parties or when getting ready to go out.

Tell us a little bit more about your upcoming projects…

Can’t reveal too much because I wouldn’t want to jinx things, but I’m preparing my 6th mix for Kitsuné, it’s interesting to concentrate on and develop a new concept, watch this space. I’ve also started work on a new band project with my musical brother Andrea (the other half of our baleariscopop act JBAG) and Marek a good friend singer/songwriter, which will be different, more live, really excited about that… Apart from that, I’ll keep on releasing strong EPs from all over the globe on my imprint Continental, will work on more fashion shows, do more DJ gigs… I’d like to produce artists too, so get in touch!

27.12.15 – Kitsuné Club Night @ Onzieme, Osaka

29.12.15 – Kitsuné Bonenkai Night @ WOMB, Tokyo