Kitsuné Club Night Disco Edition – Kartell Interview

Before heading over to New York we sat down with one of France's most promising producers!

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On March 17th we’re invading New York’s Good Room for a special Kitsuné Club Night Disco Edition that’ll make you literally forget about Saint Patrick’s day. On that night we’ll bring artists such as the one and only Todd Edwards, Cassian, Justin Strauss and among them stands Kartell.

One of France’s electronic scene most promising producers, Kartell has already joined forces with us on several Kitsuné Club Night episodes around the globe. The logic to ask him a few questions before partying once again with him was unavoidable.

It’s been two years that you haven’t played in New York. How does it feel to come back?

My last gig in NYC was at Glasslands, which is now sadly closed. Good Room seems to have taken over in Brooklyn from what I’ve heard and I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes. Brooklyn holds an easy going and accessible vibe for clubbing which I really like. I was touring ten cities in the States last December but NYC was not on the map so this one with Kitsuné is going to be special.

Can you tell us how different the American public is from the European one?

The American public is generally outgoing and open, and not scared to hear new things. Which is great because I usually have a wide selection of tracks in my sets. I always got great experinces playing in the U.S.

Can you share with us your top 3 disco tracks? 

What should we expect this year with Kartell?

New remixes, a new EP and some collaborations with my label mates from Roche Musique.

Kitsuné Club Night Disco Edition at Good Room, New York

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Picture courtesy of Laurene Berchoteau

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