Kitsuné Club Night in Bordeaux – Superpoze Interview

Before heading to Bordeaux we had a quick chat with Superpoze!

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On March 24th Kitsuné Club Night will be heading to Bordeaux at the Light Club. Before launching this unique episode, we sat down with one of France’s most promising producers, Superpoze and asked him a few questions.

Can you describe yourself in a few words?
French melodic boy

You’ve been touring a lot last year after the release of your album “Opening”. How do you feel about taking the stage again, as for a DJ set?
The live act is really my thing but I love to DJ increasingly and I can’t wait to share all the rhythms that inspire me right now. I’m working on an EP to be released this year, deeply influenced by the DJ culture.

Will you share with us some unreleased tracks or surprises?
I think one of my new tracks will be done so… Good time to try it eh ?

What is your latest musical crush?
Not a new one but I’m really into Fatima Yamaha right now. And the new Fulgeance EP out now on Ed Banger is wonderful.

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