Parisien Tour 3 coming to Asia!

It's a fashion + party Asian invasion!

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Since its creation, the Kitsuné Parisien Tour travelled the world throughout USA, Europe and Asia. This year, the third edition is taking the frenchy Parisien theme back to the East side of the globe!

Parisien Tour is a series of moveable feasts, smartly bringing together music and fashion, to provide unique experiences all around the world. For each step, it consists of an in-store cocktail hosted by a selected Maison Kitsuné retailer, and followed by an exclusive Kitsuné Club Night episode!

For this special occasion, a capsule collection inspired by the Parisian lifestyle, has been designed. Including sweatshirts, tee-shirts, tote bags, a dress and a baseball cap, the collection features a golden foxy embroidery and Parisien logos. Available in all of the tour’s retailers, in our Maison Kitsuné boutiques and on our online shop.

Starting March 17th, come and step inside the Parisien Tour universe in one of the following selected stores and follow the fox on the dancefloor with exclusive Kitsuné Club Night episodes featuring the family’s favorite DJ Jerry Bouthier:

March 17th – SINGAPORE

In-store party @ Manifesto

Kitsuné Club Night @ Canvas Club

March 19th – MANILA

In-store party @ Hoodwink

Kitsuné Club Night @ Black Market

March 23rd – HONG KONG

In-store party @ Maison Kitsuné

March 25th – SHANGHAI

Kitsuné Club Night @ Le Baron, Shanghai

March 26th – TAIPEI

In-store party @ Tuan Tuan

Kitsuné Club Night @ BARCODE, Taipei

April 2nd – TOKYO

Kitsuné Club Night Sakura Party @ Sound Museum Vision, Tokyo