Parisien Tour 3 – Jerry Bouthier’s “On The Road” Interview

We had a quick in-between-flights chat with our pal Jerry Bouthier during the Parisien Tour in Asia!

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For our third Parisien Tour edition, we’ve asked Jerry Bouthier to hop on board with us and make his magic work on our Kitsuné Club Night episodes! As a Kitsuné long time friend and collaborator we naturally asked him a few questions about music, fashion and his suitcase!

Welcome on board of our 3rd Parisien Tour! It’s the second time you’re taking part of this adventure, do you feel like being the ambassador of this special edition?

I sure do! Kitsune and I go back a long way, I’ve often felt like a Kitsune ambassador, a stalwart defending its vibrant, unique vision. From day one, I was attracted to this imprint that was happy to bend the rules as it wasn’t so much about a precise music genre but releasing strong, original tracks that helped define the moment. I loved that and totally felt at home. So the connection happened naturally. I’ve seen this baby grow and have become a kind of caring godfather. Times change and so does the music, but the vibe at Kitsune remains the same: youthful, quirky, modern… A certain vision of cool pop, accessible yet challenging without compromising on quality. This and the fact that despite being long based in London, I’m originally a Parisian and forever remain attached and in debt to this beautiful city where I grew up and spent my youth. I guess just like Kitsune, I’m Parisian but with an international outlook.

You certainly know how the Parisien Tour works and you can guess how much we love to mix fashion, music and parties together. How do you perceive the combination of these three elements?

We’re touching on Kitsune’s core and essence here. And again the reason why our relationship has endured and developed over the years. Music, parties and clothes go hand in hand, always have. It may not be necessarily that obvious for the French who don’t always cultivate a distinct look but that gives even more weight and relevance to Kitsune in my opinion. Importing Anglo-Saxon indie-rock attitude, Asian colourful playfulness and mixing them with French stylish elegance has proved to be a winner worldwide and I’m sure is helping changing habits in France too. From my school days, although on real tight budgets lol, dressing up was crucial, the reflection of who I was and what music I was into. Then the parties, well they simply make perfect sense once you like the music, wanna express who you are, flaunt your new kit and meet like-minded people.

Give us a little clue of what you’ve prepared for your #kitsuneclubnight sets?

I usually prepare what I’m gonna play in the plane on the way to the gig. Plenty of Kitsune goodies and exclusives for sure as well as a selection of biggies knowing as little boundaries as possible as long as they make you wanna dance. I mean I basically play artists that I like and work hard at making it work, rather than sticking to codes. I believe audiences are the same, nobody likes just one genre of music so why not mix it up? The idea is for people to have a good time but also to break new tunes and sounds. It’s a two-way process, entertain and educate.

You’ll be flying across Asia throughout the tour: what will be your suitcase essentials?

When you travel your suitcase is your house, so for me it starts with a solid, practical four-wheel suitcase usually bought in Tokyo, as Japanese have the best models and prices. The most important is nice clothes and enough of them. You can’t turn up scruffy at a Kitsuné event! So I regularly stock up on latest collection pieces in order to feel fresh and spanking new, a good look gives you confidence. Next is the office (laptop, hard-disk, USB keys, cables…) so I can keep on working on the move everywhere, emails, business, checking out promos, saving new tunes and integrating them to my playlists in Rekordbox (Pioneer’s app for djs). I even carry a Korg Nano keyboard with me so I can write and record music on the spot. I’ll add a few music/cinema/science mags (that I won’t bring back )and one book (this time it’s “Universe, life and man”, don’t laugh, it’s a fascinating read by Henry de Lumley). Then there’s toiletry basics, electric toothbrush, moisture cream to rehydrate after too much air con, a little stock of medecine/tablets (Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Alka-Seltzer for hangovers…), jet-lag can enhance little problems so better be prepared. And let’s not forget some snacks which can save your life at 4am when all’s closed (biscuits, nuts & dried fruit, ‘just add water’ rice/couscous/noodles…) and of course English breakfast tea bags!

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