Les Gordon – Atlas Remix EP

After his first super-successful single "Atlas" Les Gordon strikes back with a bunch of new remixes!

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After one huge success on his debut EP’s single “Atlas”, Les Gordon is coming back to release a pack of fresh remixes!

For this occasion, the uprising producer from Rennes frees the stringed instruments he perfectly masters. The result? A cascade of guitar notes, sprinkled with cello and auto-harp that rushes to the head.

This fine-tuned combination proves to be a winning one as the EP’s eponymous track Atlas fast reached a million streams in two months. On this new remix release, we’re inviting you to explore the many facets of Atlas’ addicting melodies through the works of remixers Kidswaste, Danglo, Douchka and Roisto.

Les Gordon, aka producer Marc Mifune, has been progressing his way to the top of the electronic music scene for the past two years. In 2013, Les Gordon seized the incredible opportunity to precede the international artist Stromae on the TransMusicales festival’s stage, and to open for Madeon at the Parisian venue Le Trianon. Flash forward a few years later, he supports French band Fauve on their spring tour.

Les Gordon “Atlas Remixes” EP coming on April 1st!

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In the meantime listen to all the exclusive gems below:

1st step – his Kitsuné Hot Stream mix!

2nd step – Kidswaste’s remix via Greenroom!

3rd step – Roisto’s remix via Complex or via our Kitsuné Hot Stream below!

4th step – Douchka’s remix via Tsugi!