Manast LL’ – Known As Sookah EP

The 21 year-old Parisian musician Manast LL' is releasing his new EP entitled "Known As Sookah"

As many modern tales, this one starts with a girl. Sookah is a young woman who the young Parisian singer / producer Manast LL’ met in the heart of winter, one of those beautiful but rocky relationships, bound to be complex and passionate.

Manast LL’ character does not really differ from the person that embodies him. Through his flow, the young man speaks to us of his experiences, good or bad, that he always tries to translate into positive energy. The frustra- tion of a love affair gave birth to the original track, the whole story being told throughout the EP thanks to the collaboration between his close crew and artists whose work he admires.

The acronym LL’ has become a signature for all the people close to the young artist, initial- ly used to represent his mantra «LivLov» or «LivLife». This leitmotiv represents his mood and lifestyle : always live and love every second with passion. No half-measures. No restraint. No false pretenses.

Coming on June 3rd!

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