Focus Maison 18 : Courts

Courts are a five-piece band from Basildon, Essex. With inspiration deriving from disco, hip hop, indie and beyond, Courts’ sound lends itself to the influence of the Stone Roses, Mac DeMarco, and The Streets. Creating a hybrid genre that’s almost impossible to define, Courts serve the purpose of filling an open gap in the UK Scene, making self-confessed « music with a message ».

Kitsuné’s interpretation of the Parental Advisory sign is « Hysterical Advisory | Explicit Injections », what’s yours?


If you were a rap or R&B song, which one would you be? Why?
« Life’s a bitch » by Nas because we live by the philosophy of the chorus.

This is Kitsuné Maison 18, which represents the adult age for us, what does the number 18 represent for you?
18 represents happiness and relative freedom for us. When you hit 18 it’s a good feeling. Old enough to go out but not old enough to have any worries.

“Feel My Love” is here (Noisey Premiere)

Catch them live :

November 11th @ Sanctuary Live, Hampshire  

December 9th @ Chinnery, Southend