Focus Maison 18 : Manast LL’

Manast LL' will be performing at the Pitchfork Avant-Garde Festival on Tuesday, October 25th.

Manast LL’, a young Parisian artist inspired by Pretty Ricky, Lil Wayne and Theophilus London is opening the new chapter of the Maison Compilation series. The LL’ acronym stands for his motto: « LiveLove, LiveLife ». This mantra expresses his mindset and lifestyle: live and love every moment with passion. No half-measure, no constraint, no sham: passion leads to creativity.

Featured on Kitsuné Maison 18, Manast LL’ has agreed to answer a few questions for us:

Kitsuné’s interpretation of the Parental Advisory sign is « Hysterical Advisory | Explicit Injections », what’s yours?

Manast LL Maison 18 Focus

If you were a rap or R&B song, which one would you be? Why?
It would be “Grind on Me” by Pretty Ricky cause I’d make sure every dude in the club get a gal to grind on them, or every dude trying to smash on a romantic evening, could make it as soon as they play me when they get home from an expensive date hahah, then you know what’s up.

If you were to enter a rap freestyle tomorrow, what would be your opening line?
“Yeah she gon’ suck this d***
Cause she wanna feel special
Internet b****
With the Instagram medals”

This is Kitsuné Maison 18 which represents the adult age for us, what does the number 18 represent for you?
It kind of represents the same to me, the age when you take your responsibilities for real. 18 is actually the age I realized I wanted to do music as my full job, not just a hobby. I mean make money from my passion. I released my first “serious” project when I was 18, “Based & Devilish”. You can find the first version of “Adrian” on this one.

Manast LL’ will be performing at the Pitchfork Avant-Garde Festival on Tuesday, October 25th.

About Manast LL' from Hugo Bernatas on Vimeo.