Focus Maison 18 : Matveï

Born in a musical environment and pianist from the earliest days, Matveï  first started mixing up samples at the age of 11 after disco- vering GarageBand. Six years later, he has mastered his art and was spotted by the Parisian label that released his track “Don’t Look Back” on Kitsuné Hot Stream.

Kitsuné’s interpretation of the Parental Advisory sign is « Hysterical Advisory | Explicit Injections », what’s yours?


If you were a rap or R&B song, which one would you be? Why?
Tim Duncan by Tory Lanez – because of the melancholic, aerial atmosphere it has, one of my favorite songs

If you were to enter a rap freestyle tomorrow, what would be your opening line?
“I ain’t spitting bars often but when I do my opponent ends up in a coffin”

This is Kitsuné Maison 18 which represents the adult age for us, what does the number 18 represent for you?
Releasing “Alone” on Kitsuné’s 18th “adult age” compilation is relevant as I just turned 18, and I can finally play clubs legally

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