Focus Maison 18 : Parcels

Parcels are a pop-electro group from Byron Bay Australia living in Berlin since 2015. Wide synth soundscapes and an electronic rhythm section meet lively guitars and five-part vocal harmonies to characterize the band’s unique sound. Contrast is found in all aspect of Parcels’ aura: their musical direction smashes dated and contemporary influences together while the instrumentation contrasts digital and analogue.

Kitsuné’s interpretation of the Parental Advisory sign is « Hysterical Advisory | Explicit Injections », what’s yours?


If you were a rap or R&B song, which one would you be? Why?
Joel Bada$$ – Hilary Swank – He’s got a classic laid back style and an immense ear for a smooth groove.

If you were to enter a rap freestyle tomorrow, what would be your opening line?
Parcels double parking in the freestyle lane, If you ask to travel past us bring your streamline game, We’re not marvellous but can’t be arsed to be fine framed, A disaster of an artist with no freestyle name.

This is Kitsuné Maison 18 which represent the adult age for us, what does the number 18 represent for you?
18 is a number. 1 is a number. 8 is a number. But these figures represent something far more significant to us. We believe in the utmost significance of individuality and as such we view 18 as an equal collaboration between two unique and opposite forces. 1 represents singularity, the beginning and end of all things. The crux and essence of the universe. 8 is clearly representative of infinity, as revealed upon rotation of the digit. Infinite possibilities, infinite realities, infinite endings to a bitter-sweet story. Furthermore the 8 (or infinity) represents the Unknown. In summation, the number 18 portrays everything that is known and everything that is unknown. 18 is the essence of existence. Occultum quatiens animo tortore flagellum…

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