Manast LL’ – ‘Forty Two Stories’ EP

In 2016, the Manast LL’ was spotted by the renowned Parisian label, and he released his EP « Known as Sookah ». Through his flow, the young man spoke to us about his experiences, good or bad, that he always tries to translate into positive energy. In 2017, alongside with Jeune Faune and Astrolabe Musique (Sandro, Talia B and The V), Manast LL’ is back with a new chapter of his life. “Forty Two Stories”, a 5-track-EP, follows 5 young men in their early 20s in love with music, life, women, parties and everything that the youth loves these days. LL’, Astrolabe and Faune reveal their true selves in “Forty Two Stories” with 3 original tracks and 2 interludes : the first one by Manast LL’, the other by Jeune Faune. “Link Up” brings the EP together by featuring two different but original singers – Kamo, from the British Nigerian Afrobeat band NewAgeMuzik, and Anna’s delicate voice from HAUTE.

Out on February 24th – Download and stream here :