“Loves Takes Time” : Maison Kitsuné x Coeval Magazine

Maison Kitsuné has teamed up with Coeval Magazine for its SS17 Footwear Collection Campaign. Explore “Love Takes Time”: a short story about youth, friendship and love showcasing the Maison’s new shoes lines.

Maison Kitsuné x Coeval Magazine
Photography: Donald Gjoka
Creative Direction: Patrizia Wilk D’Elia
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We asked a few questions to the creative team of Coeval Magazine:

When did you create Coeval Magazine? What was the inspiration behind it, your goal?
Coeval (an English word that means “something related to the same age”, a synonym to contemporary) was created in 2015, in the middle of the digital era. It all started from the research we were doing in terms of art, fashion, photography, architecture and design visuals which we were attracted to. We thought of the idea to transform this research into a platform where both emergent and established creatives were the protagonists showcasing their own work and story. Our main inspiration comes from the 70s, 80s, 90s, the post-internet, experimental arts and subcultures.

– How would you describe it? How is it offering a unique perspective on fashion, art and culture? Describe Coeval Magazine’s aesthetic in three words.
Rebel, Young and Creative.
What makes Coeval different is that we offer a content exposed monographically into an essential visual vest, its main purpose is to reflect the author’s personality as a documentary statement.

– How are you choosing your contributors?
The contributors we regularly work with reflect a distinctive style and are in-line with Coeval aesthetically. Fashion designers, artists and photographers who all represent Coeval’s vibe in their work which is rough and experimental. The people who we daily work with are always hungry for the new with a futurist mindset and a multidisciplinary approach. Especially in the “people” section, we are interviewing interesting personalities across the world from various backgrounds like models, artists, illustrators, musicians, photographers and stylists displaying their Instagram selfies.

– Coeval is a digital magazine. Is it a conscious choice not to have a printed version? Have you already thought about creating one?
Online means being open to a worldwide audience/market and this is something that has had an impact on Coeval since its inception.
The whole online content reflect the ongoing progress of its digital era and ways in which you can interact with it and involve yourself. The idea to have the printed version of Coeval is in our mind, but we would like to wait for the right moment. We are a daily update for an amazing number of readers and receiving great feedback, reaching much more people than a printed medium can do nowadays. Of course having something tangible is awesome, especially when it comes to something conceptual like Coeval, so this is our goal in the near future for sure.

– Tell us in a few words what this collaboration with Maison Kitsuné means to you. Do you think Coeval and Maison Kitsuné share a common or a complementary vision?
Maison Kitsuné and Coeval both provide a historical and modern vision that is forged by combining different arts and disciplinary like music, film and culture into fashion, leading to an unique and sophisticated achievement.

– What were your inspiration/references for this shooting?
Comedians from the 60’s like Jacques Tati and clean retro graphics were main inspirations for the shoe campaign and designs so we created a playful and ironic situation by mixing video and visuals combined with interiors and close ups. “Love Takes Time” is a story about youth, friendship and love. Three friends go shopping and while the girl tries on different outfits in the fitting room in order to choose her favourite piece, the two boys wait around in the store for her. Whether you need to wait for a friend or choose that special outfit. Because love is worth waiting for!

– Where do you see Coeval in 10 years? What are your dreams and ambitions?
We see Coeval as a worldwide landmark for creatives collaborating with the magazine, both by showcasing their work and daily consulting it as their artistic research platform and inspiring source. Completing the outcome with an annual or biannual special edition printed version for the independent and conscious rebels.