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Beau, in both English and French, is a statement on external beauty and what goes on underneath. Their work can get muddled, but it maintains openness to interpretation. They embody both the confidence and fragility of 20 year-old young women. For them, starting a band was the vital, necessary thing to do. And no matter what, they are determined to make it at any cost.

Heather, the brunette, and Emma, the blonde, are as close as sisters.

Immersed in art and culture, music quickly became a way of expressing themselves. This played a role in their influences and writing process. It made them versatile which would be important when forming the duo. But both of their sources of inspiration abound.

It's about the music; it’s always been about the music. Everything else is geared toward this goal—even their modelling. Fashion simply allows them to assert their styles, without having to force it.  You see this and their fantastic New York bohemian lifestyle in Beau. It's less of an episode of "Girls" than it is a real view of their everyday lives.

When they eventually met Gildas Loaëc, founder of Kitsuné, they recorded their first tracks between London and Nashville with producer Al O'Connell.

Their first EP showcases Beau perfectly, with the infinitely sad love song "Soar Across the Sea", the hopeful "One Wing", or the nod to Joni Mitchell’s line "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone" that is somewhere between Warpaint and The White Stripes, with "C'mon Please".

The duo also bear themselves on "Lost Soul", a more sentimental track for the girls. Written over a long time, it reflects an often-ignored desperate need for parental attention, and is an acknowledgement of Suprême NTM’s "Look at your youth in the eyes!"

Their debut album "That Thing Reality" coming March 11th 2016!

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