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15:11 - 08 Jun 2018


Composed by Thom, Mike, Lawrence and Tom, Citizens! is a call to arms, a statement, a mark in the sand. Their bold statement is that they reclaim the pop cause “Pop is not a dirty word. It’s a holy one.” (Mike)

The melodious vocals and the catchy music are the ingredients of good pop. They treated recording like a game, an experiment. They thought that a band needed to come along with the guts to make imaginative pop music, but to do it with soul and integrity. They asked questions that other bands weren’t asking, and mixed elements they hadn’t heard mixed before. Most importantly they wouldn’t allow themselves to mimic any particular moment from decades past.

“It’s us against the world,’ Lawrence says, ‘we make our own rules and we take them very seriously. But it works because we don’t take ourselves seriously while we do it.”



Citizens! is a fantastic band signed to Kitsuné. Four handsome London boys who pen songs with a panoramic view. Warm, welcoming, traditional and as classy as marble…

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