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05:24 - 29 Jul 2018


Heartsrevolution, a boy/girl duo who reside in the Lower East Side of NYC. Currently they are in the studio recording their debut album titled, RIDE OR DIE. The album, which the band describes as a “global call to arms” is due out early 2011. RIDE OR DIE will explore the bands dichotomy of childlike innocence and visceral revolutionary spirit. Drawing from Lo’s riot grrrl past, the album also serves as a platform for her often political lyrics. This is sure to be one exciting rock & roll dance record. While working on their upcoming full length studio debut, Lo and Ben have partnered with the sparkling couture-staple Swarovski Elements to completely bedazzle one of their infamous Heartschallenger ice cream trucks and make it the world’s first and only completely crystallized touring ice-cream truck! The duo is determined to continue with their DIY approach while inspiring the 21st century generation to think outside of the box. Heartsrevolution’s breakout EP, Switchblade, boasted their own unique brand of electronic neo-punk dance music and included the anthemic “C.Y.O.A. (Choose Your Own Adventure)”, the acronym serving as the mantra that has shaped their career-arc thus far. Born of a punk ethos the band has self released records and self funded tours all via the Heartschallenger ice cream trucks. The trucks operate as a nexus of their DIY self-empowered infrastructure by selling treats outside of shows and music festivals. It is then no surprise the band was described by NME as “the model for the modern pop group, One day all bands will be like this” The group formed in 2005 when Lo asked Ben to compose a soundtrack for the 1st Heartschallenger ice cream truck.


Their name name comes from a “Huggy Bear” song called “Her Jazz” which referenced boy/grrrl revolutionaries

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