The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘Delphic’ as “Ambiguous or enigmatic.” Their debut album, ‘Acolyte’, which reveals a band who elegantly move away from indie guitar action and accelerate into the future.

Delphic, a trio of Rick, Matt Cocksedge and James Cook, all in their early twenties, create their music on laptops in their Manchester flat, but when they take it to the stage it blooms into something much bigger : There are no breaks, so it drives along like a DJ set, varying between songs and hypnotic rhythmic interludes.

The combination of art and party spirit is very Manchester and Delphic are marinated in the city’s classic collision of ordinary bloke-ness with high end ideas. It’s a heritage they’re happy to acknowledge. “Even though it’s had a cosmetic facelift, there’s a certain vibe to Manchester,” says Rick. “There’s a challenge set down by previous acts from Manchester” Matt puts in, “and we want to look at how that applies to us, where to take that legacy, even surpass it.”

There is nothing of ego in the way he says this, just a young man dreaming aloud about his band, Delphic, a spectacular live machine releasing an album of accessible future-music. Is it pop? Is it rock? Is it dance? Who cares, Delphic don’t and nor should we.


Counterpoint (Delphic's en route Mix)
This Momentary
Delphic - This Momentary (Bonus Track Version) - EP
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