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Is Tropical is a young mysterious trio coming from London who’s finally unmasked… They describe their music as a bass heavy, beat driven, pop-influenced lo-fi dance music. And we are all very excited to have them on board!

They grab international attention in 2009 with their single “When O’ When” which was produced by Al Al Al.
South Pacific/Tan Man their second release and first for Kitsuné, was mixed by LEXXX (Crystal Castles /Gwen Stefani) and received great praise for the development and sophistication in its sound. Around this time Is Tropical toured the UK and Europe as special guests of Klaxons, The Big Pink and Mystery Jets and have subsequently grown into a mesmerizing live act, effortlessly combining a late night strobing club show with infectious, sing along pop songs.

In March of 2011 they announced details of their debut long player “Native to”.
But before that, they released the single “The Greeks”. Its eponym video was directed by MEGAFORCE and went quickly viral with millions of views on YouTube. After the successful release of “Native to”, the band spent the summer months touring the European festival circuit to great acclaim, scheduled a trip to Japan, and have released a follow up single “Lies” in the autumn of 2011.
In late 2011 up until 2012, Is Tropical did their biggest tour ever, visiting Europe, North & South America, the Far East and and Japan.

After being busy on stage, Is Tropical came back in January 2013 with “FLAGS”, an electronic EP featuring Goodby Leopold, Visions, Get People, Owen Pratt and Drugzndreams.

In April, their second collaboration with their friends from MEGAFORCE for their single “Dancing Anymore” out in May 2013 brought a crazy-sexy video and is quite straight to the point : Is Tropical is all about having fun and doing thing their own way!
Luke Smith, who also produced Foals and Depeche Mode, produced their second album “I’m Leaving” also released on May 2013. The title is a reference to Johnny Cash “I’m Leaving Now” among others. It has this strong and easy-to-understand meaning that brings people together. Because that’s what Is Tropical do : not just limited to their home country Is Tropical have garnered worldwide appeal for their music.
“I’m Leaving” reveals Is Tropical’s musical evolution : that craziness isn’t necessarily all you need to make a record. With their sound gaining in maturity and complexity while staying pop and fresh, Is Tropical proved that professionalism and fun can go together!


South Pacific
The Greeks
The Greeks (Moonlight Matters Remix)
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