I discovered Bari in southern Italy last weekend. I had been in contact for a while with Barbara Laneve and her boyfriend Gae, a lovely dynamic couple passionate about music and clothes, so we finally booked a date for an event they organized at (Bari’s own) Hacienda club (not quite Madchester, but the crowd certainly knew its indie-dance). Together they have created the interesting Discipline label ( which offers a modern, electronic-y outlook on new wave, indie and more (they’re big Throbbing Gristle fans!). But that’s not all, Discipline also boasts its own clothing range (could be they borrowed a leaf from…). Artists from this fine stable joined me on the bill: Flowers Or Razorwire did an excellent warm up, Death In Plains offered an intense live (laptop) performance screaming his (post) teenage angst out like a modern day Robert Smith, then it was my turn and suddenly realised it was Barbara’s 30th birthday too – a night she’d remembered for a long time she gasped, nutty character Populous closed the night off with a relentless techno set (they seem to like that a lot in Italy).

Next I headed to Berlin where Andrew Claristidge from Acid Washed had invited me to dj at his monthly night at the recently opened Flamingo club ( The new place to be in Berlin I’d heard, no wonder, it’s a joint venture between Cornelius – Conny – Opper (the infamous promoter/dj behind legendary electro clubs Rio and Scala which knocked the socks off the German city for a few years) and Ingrid Junker (one of the girls who came up with the ace fashiony do Broken Hearts Club – the Berlin answer to BoomBox if there ever was one). Andrew kicked the night off with a fine eclectic selection that made me understand some more where Acid Washed’s weird and beautiful inspiration comes from. The cherry on the cake was Headman, the multi-talented Swiss expat relocated in the popular German den, who popped in to say hi and have a good ol’gossip.