Is Tropical US Tour Photo Report

Last week we got back from our NA/Canada tour with ultimate bros Crystal Fighters. Here’s some photos from the road taken amongst the vast screensaver landscapes and towering skyscrapers — thanks to everyone who came and Chaluga’d with us, took us to scary haunted hotels for cocktails and made every gig a party better than the last.. Sorry about all the nudity it was just that intoxicating freedom yo…

DC crowd made us welcome.

Everyone was a little stinking from the journey over, so we had a group wash.

NY was the first sell out show at the famous Williamsburg hall of music!

Our cab driver had a siiick name.

Slutever let us crash at her place and showed us her butt plug.

The venue in Montreal was so hot everyone left an arse patch, this also sold out!

Food on the road will back you up for days… Gilbert CF shows us how big the hot dogs are.

Chicago was where we got drunk on tequila from a gun.

So we’re pretty punk, thats known! we fix guitars with fag butts 30 seconds before stage.

So in North Dakota you can get some pretty cool t-shirts in Walmarts.

Getting fucked in Vancouver with our Boiz DRUGZNDREAMZ.

Vancouver crowd shot.

Check this Versace IS TROPICAL mask up!

We have to keep light on our feet swapping hotel rooms to keep the party going.

As soon as we got into California and drove past Weed we jumped into the lake.

So I lost my passport in Castro… so if anyone finds it would love it back.

SF was another sellout and great crowd.

So it was about time to start getting bro tattoos, at this point everything was a well CF.

Last Hotel room party and nothing got remembered.

Farewell photo with all of us including Tim our naked mascot.