Fakear Exclusive Interview!

On August 30th, Kitsuné Club Night is invading Ageha in Tokyo as it is one of the house’s party traditions !

A huge line-up including rising French producer Fakear will invest the huge venue!  So we’ve wanted to make the wait less long by asking this gentleman some questions …

How is the summer going on for you ?

I just finished my french tour, I played at Les Vieilles Charrues, Dour Festival as well as some famous festivals in Europe. It was beyond words because I started to play live concerts almost one year ago. It’s such an honour to play at these festivals.

“Morning in Japan” is one of your famous tracks, why did you choose to transcribe the spirit of Japan?

It’s based on my imagination. I’m attracted to beauty of sounds, not their geographic locations. When I did “Morning in Japan”, I did not plan to put some Japanese influences, it just came out this way. I never choose, it’s all about feelings.

How does it feel to play at a Kitsuné Club Night Party in Japan ?

It’s such an honour ! Kitsuné is such a unique record label and playing in Japan, it sounds like a dream!

Ageha is one of the biggest clubs in Tokyo, how big is it for you ?

I just don’t realise it yet… Playing in Japan is already a dream come true ! So playing at Ageha… I’m quite scared ! I hope my music can touch people there !

Is it going be your first time in Japan ? What can you expect from this journey ?

I have never been to Japan. So I guess I would expect to be moved by landscapes, the way of living and their customs. All I know about Japan is beautiful and sophisticated.

Are you planning on staying a bit longer in Tokyo ?

I will stay about ten days, I want to go to Kyoto and climb Mount Fuji ! If I could stay more than 10 days, I would love to go to Hokkaïdo. But I think there is already a lot to do in Tokyo …

Are you planning on playing more dates in Asia ?

I would love to ! It’s not scheduled for now but I will release my album next year, so I should start a new tour then! Maybe I will come back.

What are the 3 tracks you can listen to everyday?

– Chet Faker – Gold (Flume Rework)

– Jungle – Time

– London Grammar – Hey Now (Bonobo Remix)

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Ageha  –  Japan,Tokyo 136-0082 東京都江東区新木場 2-2-10