Kiev’s 1st Kitsuné Club Night episode

There’s a start for everything! Kitsuné Club Night is coming to Ukraine’s capital city: Kiev!

On May 21st we’re inviting you to join us at The Bar for a first and unique episode featuring Jerry Bouthier & Katro Zauber!

This is your chance to take part of the #KitsuneClubNight experience!

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In the meantime read this interview of dance floor master Jerry Bouthier!

You just released your new mixtape Heart & Soul #6, can you give us some elements about its atmosphere?

After years of producing soundtracks for the catwalk, it felt natural to incorporate fashion’s feminine, evocative and at times off the wall moods in my mixtapes rather than strictly emulate the party sets I play out at weekends, an experience that doesn’t always translate well outside the club and the moment. It’s exciting to push the dj mix exercise further and blend in as many different genres and emotions as I can pack in the mix, the main criteria’s that all tracks have to be melodically enthralling and make you travel places.

Have you ever been to Kiev? If so, could you let us know 3 spots you would recommend?

I have but it was another of those quick in & out DJ trips where you hardly see more than the airport, hotel and party venue. That said from the chats I had with locals, it seems like a real friendly city, well attuned musically and looking positively at the future. I’ll be good to go back and discover more of it.

Tell us more about your MiniMix for Kitsuné America 4!

Putting together MiniMixes is one of my favourite things in the world… with melon, haha. It’s similar to conceiving trailers for films, you’ve got to tease with the best bits. So first you scan all the tracks, select the strongest moments, those you find represent best the record, and then you build a musical patchwork out of that. The trick is to make it seems cohesive rather than a collection of tracks hastily chained together. This one for Kitsuné America 4 was a little challenging cos it mostly comprises of downtempo grooves and fast tempo rock, with not lots in between to help you going from one to the other. All this futuristic soul is a bit of a new direction for Kitsuné, it’s stimulating.

Can you share with us your music crush of the moment ?

I’ll have to pick young German electronic label Emerald & Doreen for which I’ve just done a kind of Best Of mix entitled ‘Mystery Tour’. With much emphasis on songs, vocals and quite frequently even guitars, this productive imprint, respectful of artists’ choices, is nonetheless enamoured of the art of remixing, often proposing a plethora of varied reinterpretations to sift through on each of their EPs. You’re never too sure what you’re gonna get, balearic, indie-dance, electronica, housey, chill, technopop, you name it… and that for me can only be a good thing.

The Bar – 5 Velyka Vasylkivska street Arena mall. – From 11pm