Kitsuné Club Night @ YOYO: Nimmo and the Gauntletts interview

On June 27th Kitsuné Club Night will invade Paris more especially YOYO club right at the heart of the French capital.
Headliners will be KlaxonsThomas AzierNimmo and the GauntlettsANDREA and Point Point !
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As the d-day approaches, we’ve asked Nimmo  and the Gauntletts some questions for you to know this rising band a bit more…

How did NATG form as a five-piece band in the first place?

Sarah:  Me, Reva, josh and Hannah met at school when we were about 12 years old, and we met jack while studying at university. It’s only once we had met jack (on drums) that we started working as a full band.

On July 14th, you will release your debut EP ‘Others’ on Kitsuné, describe in 3 words your track

Hannah: Emotive, paranoid and I guess dancey?

The Guardian has qualified your music as ‘darkly infectious disco pop’, do you agree with that?

Jack: “It’s great to have The Guardian supporting us with such positive feedback at this stage in our careers. Darkly infectious I’d agree with, pop I’d agree with, but disco may be a step too far! Having said that we definitely pride ourselves on our dancy electronic edge and it’s great that people are noticing that.”

What is your favourite hang-around spot in London?

Reva: “At the moment, probably around the Dalston area. Our studio is there so its really the only area we hang out in in London these days. Its a great place though, with lots of creative stuff going on and loads of good bars etc to chill out in.”

We’ll see you play live at our Paris Kitsuné Club Night on June 27th, are you excited / ever been to Paris before?

Josh: We love coming to Paris. We played a couple of shows a year ago with the help of our friends at Craki records. They were putting on a show and they invited us over to come and play with a few of their bands. Now we’re playing the kitsune night at Palais de Tokyo and can’t wait, the venue looks amazing!!

YOYO – Palais de Tokyo, Paris – 20 avenue de New York, 75016 Paris, France – from 11PM