Kitsuné Tour The Stores Is Back With A Parisien Edition

Last year, the Kitsuné Tour The Stores travelled the world with the Soleil Mix 2 compilation. This year, Maison Kitsuné strikes back with a second edition. 

For those of you who did not follow our journey last year, the Tour The Store is a way for Maison Kitsuné to travel the world and bring together music and fashion to offer unique expériences exclusive to our retailers’ walls.

Each step of the journey consists in an in-store cocktail hosted by a selected Kitsuné retailer, followed by a Kitsuné Club Night as they’re reknowned for their warm and fun atmospheres.

This year,  Kitsuné Tour the Stores will rise the under the Parisian roots of Maison Kitsuné and its Parisien collection.

In line with this seasonal theme, a capsule collection of Maison Kitsuné classics has been especially created to celebrate the launch of the spring/summer 2014 Parisien line. Including a sweat, a T-shirt and a tote bag, the pieces feature a ‘’Parisien’’ print offered in blue, red, grey combinations.

Stay tuned as we will be revealing the steps in our journey, our different Kitsune Club Nights, and the exclusive products available !

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Here is a first look at the tote bags available during the tour: