"Rire Dans La Nuit"

A Yellow parasol in the Hamptons and my friend Liv Tyler

Gildas and me at La Maison opening party in Singapore with friends.

My friend Gildas and his wife Romy

Gildas and I , a fine pair of djs at La Maison opening in Singapore

the new mega hotel Casinon in the Singapore bay, ugly or not ?

Singapore and its boats …

A view of Singapore that reminds me of Blade Runner

Singapore’s never ending airport with an immaculate carpets

In bed with Nabokov

Annabelle on her new bike cruising NY

At the Guggenheim Museum at the Haunted show

Leo Fitzpatrick and I

landing on Sherter island in the Hamptons

André Balazs has just moored

A view from Balazs house ,a beautiful house from 1680

On the ferry back to NY

the André Balazs WVW love van on the ferry

la blague de la panne, the girls pushing the van